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Zawezo Genero Urbano
Ciudad New York
Pais USA
WEB http://www.zawezo.com/

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Born in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, and raised in Haina, DR, Alex Garcia (a.k.a. Zawezo Del'Patio) found himself passionate about music at an early age. As a child, Alex enjoyed listening to American hip hop such as Naughty by Nature, Wu Tang Clan, and MC Hammer. Groups such as these inspired him to pursue music as a career. He also found inspiration in multi talented artists like Michael Jackson. Although he did not speak English, he soon learned how to sing every word and dance every step he saw in American videos. As far back as Alex can remember he sang and danced; recognizing his talent, he realized that he was born to pursue a career in music.

At age 10, Alex started entering street battles in towns throughout his home country: Haina, San Cristobal, Los Mina, Enzanche, Ozama, Santo Domingo. More than winning and losing, the battles were about expressing himself and finding his own unique voice.

Several years later, Alex started taking street battles to the next level: into the local clubs. Although he would face much older local artists, Alex won his share of medals and trophies. At 16, Alex joined the Dominican Republic Air Force but still continued his music, battles and street venues.

Later, Alex created a group called Fine Boys with two friends, Edward and Algenis. The group would battle at local clubs in Haina, and there Alex met a huge local artist, Microman. As a judge for a local venue, Microman recognized Alex’s potential and talent, awarding Zawezo and his group, Fine Boys, their first trophy. Receiving recognition from a role model like Microman inspired Zawezo to continue his pursuit of a musical career – he knew he was something special.

At 19 Alex’s father brought him to New York to live in the Bronx. Becoming acquainted with local musicians, Alex rapidly learned to speak English, and playing and street rapping there he met his future recording partner, Sensato: together they created the group Del’Patio.


Del’Patio was first known as a local underground urban hip-hop group. They broke ground in the industry as one of the only groups at that time singing and rapping in Spanish.

Del;Patio and made a quick impact in NY with their unique style, creativity and sound. After only a year as a group, Zawezo saw a sign for open auditions at a local talent show. He entered Del’Patio, and they won the competition.

Zawezo continued to create opportunities for the duo, orchestrating their first big break in 2005 by winning a competition to appear on Univision’s Sabado Gigante, Latin American television’s #1 program. Del’Patio beat out over 100 other contestants and traveled to Miami to perform on the hit show. Del’Patio was then invited to star on MTV3’s “Sucker Free Latino” and on Mundos, a Univision Channel. In 2007, the duo was named “Artists of Tomorrow” in New York by Bridgez magazine.

Del’Patio’s first single and video was “Lo Palo,” a vibrant mixture of native conga beats and modern flow. In May 2008, it was listed by American publication Radio & Records Magazine as the #6 most played single by Latino DJs in the U.S. The group followed “Lo Palo” with “The Movement,” featuring 950 Plus. During their 2007-08 tour in the Dominican Republic, Del'Patio earned wide acclaim, as well as opportunities to open up for the legendary Wu Tang Clan and appear on the much publicized Telemicro TV End of the Year celebration

After years of dedication spent writing, creating song concepts, and performing, Zawezo decided out of necessity and at the request of his label to start creating Del'Patio visuals. Zawezo;s first video for Del'Patio, titled “Dejame Ponerte en Claro” featuring Chacka, gave New York an image of Del’Patio different than had ever been seen before. This new look opened the group up to a entire new fanbase and earned respect in the industry for both Zawezo and Del'Patio. Zawezo created his own company, AMD Garcia, LLC, and emerged as the sole author, director, photographer, videographer, editor and producer of the duo’s videos.

Behind the scenes and the cameras, Zawezo Del’Patio built an image for his partner, creating videos such as “Mis Hijos,” “Anti Dema,” Uh Aha Aha,” “I’m Going Away,” “Sapito Remix,” and “Pensando En Ti.” Zawezo’s work propelled Del’Patio to the next level, as MTV and Mundos picked up several of the videos. This major recognition and studio time led to the creation of the song “Watagatapitusberry” featuring Black Point. The song was picked up by PittBull and Lil’ Jon, leading to an invitation for Del’Patio to do a video in Miami for the song.


Known in the industry as the mastermind of Del’Patio, Zawezo demonstrated his amazing talent across a wide variety of music styles. However, in September, 2010, the group announced that they wanted to pursue solo careers, ending Del’Patio as a duo.

Now, Zawezo is funneling his musical expertise, creativity, and versatile talent into a solo career of his own. This desire to create something uniquely Zawezo has spawned The eponymous single, “La Independencia,” This is one of a collaboration of works will showcase Zawezo’s one-of-a-kind hooks, diverse style, and pure musical gifts.

Following the song La Independencia will be the much anticipated album El Circo. The album, expected to drop November, 2011, promises to further establish Zawezo as a versatile, genre-defying artist. Moving beyond categories, singing and rapping in both Spanish and English, and creating sensations for both the eye and the ear, Zawezo is a true renaissance man in the industry. With El Circo, Zawezo will continue his rise as one of today’s most electrifying and creative figures in Urban Latin Hip-Hop.

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